We manufacture high-performance aluminum curtain wall, window, and door products.

At Enerfrees, we pride ourselves on core values to ensure high-quality products with advanced design, complimented with exceptional customer service and cost-efficiency.

Our mission is to provide safe, comfortable, durable, and green products.
Features of Our System Products

1   Systematic Design Each product is a comprehensive outcome of equipment, profiles, hardware, accessories, glazing, adhesive, and sealing rubbers. The systematic design ensures these are working well together.


2    Leading Engineers From design to manufacturing, each series of products is overseen by a leading engineer to ensure all the products meet it's original designed specifications.


3 Custom Mold and Standard Process All the parts and components are made with customized molds and modern equipment, using the standard processes, to achieve a consistent high quality product.


5 Minimum Systematic Range   Our systematic controlled processes prevent random errors in products. The customized parts can absorb and offset systematic errors to minimize the accumulative systematic errors, results in high-quality windows, doors, and railings.


6 Perfect integration Each product is designed for appropriate integration of pressure-resistant,   airtightness, water-tightness, thermal and sound insulation, solar heat gain coefficient, and weather resistance, resulting in a comfortable environment.


4 Tested and Proven Each part and component is experimental tested and practical proven to meet the high standard requirements.

Enerfrees Window and Wall Systems Ltd.

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