Advantages of Our Window & Wall Systems:

Stronger: Aluminum alloy is a lightweight type of metal. With mechanical connection, our windows are ideal for supporting three panes of glass and resisting high level of windload.

Energy efficient: Lower U-factor by the Polyamide PA66 thermal-break isolates the heat conduction. Low-E coating and argon filling prevent the heat radiation. Tightly connected parts with EPDM sealors cut off air convection.

Lasts longer: Aluminum alloy has a long life span which makes our windows durable.

Brighter: Our larger span and slimmer frames allow our aluminum windows to have more glass, providing a brighter room.

Environment friendly: Aluminum alloy is degradable and recyclable with less waste during the manufacturing processes.

Versatile: aluminum windows allow a large variety ofoptions in finish with a wide range of colors and textures.

Safer: Our safety-glass, tempered and/or laminated, are stronger and safer when shattered. Aluminum profiles produce no poisonous gas when in fire.

Maintenance free: Aluminum finishing don't chip, peel, fade, or mildew.

Durability: Aluminum alloy is durable so warping will not occur in our windows.

Weather resistancy: Aluminum has outstanding tolerance against solar and ultraviolet radiation and stand up to our Canadian climate of temperature extremes.

Cost-effective:   Aluminum windows make up a large percentage of the world market making the costs of the raw material less experience than other materials.

Customized design: We provide numerous options such as in-frame-depth, finishing method, color, and glazing to suit different situations and considerations.

Design Options

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