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Lift & Slide Door Series EF1120
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Frame depth 120mm (4 3/4"), polyamide PA 66 thermal break.


Sash depth 60mm (2 3/16"), polyamide PA 66 thermal break.


Powder coating and anodized are available.


Standard colors are white and black, other colors are available. Exterior color can be different from interior color.


Soft-hard extruded EPDM for all the gaskets.


Standard glazing option:

Overall thickness 5+16+5=26mm, Double 5mm Clear Tempered Glass, 16mm Argon Filled, Low-E Coating, Warm-Edge Spacer, 3A Molecular Sieve.

Other options:

6+16+6=32 mm

5+12+5=22 mm

6+12+6=24 mm

Laminated glass, privacy glass, and tint

glass are available.


Sash lifts & slides; One-click handle.


Retractable screen.


Product designation                                              Class CW-PG600-SD

Operating Force (ASTM E2068)                           Sach operation 20 N (4.2 lbf)

                                                                              Lock operation 40 N (9.0 lbf)

Air Leakage Resistance (ASTM E283)                 Pressure differential - 75 Pa (1.60 psf)

                                                                              Infitration rate <0.3 L/s/m2 (<0.1 cfm/ft2)

                                                                              Exfitration rate <0.3 L/s/m2 (0.1 cfm/ft2)

Water Penetration Resistance (ASTM E547)        Pressure differential - 580 Pa (12.11 psf)

                                                                              No leakage or trapped water

Uniform Load Deflection (ASTM E330)                Pressure differential - 3600 Pa (75.19 psf)

                                                                              Span of 2200 mm (86 5/8")

                                                                              Positive deflection - 3.00 mm (0.118")

                                                                              Nagative deflection - 3.00 mm (0.118")

                                                                              No damage observed

                                                                              (Pass maximum allowable 1/175 of span)

Uniform Load Structural (ASTM E330)                 Pressure differenial - 5400 Pa (105.26 psf)

                                                                              Span of 2200 mm (86 5/8")

                                                                              Positive residual deflection - 0.1 mm (0.004")

                                                                              Negative residual defelction - 0.1 mm (0.004")

                                                                              No damage

                                                                              (Pass maximum allowable 0.3% of span)

Forced-entry Resistance (ASTM F588)                F40 rating

U-Factor                                                               2.2 W/m2·K    or 0.39 Btu/h·ft2·F   

                                                                              (On standard glazing option)   

Solar Heat Gain Coefficient                                  0.16 (On standard glazing option)

Visible Transmittance                                           0.16 (On standard glazing option)

Condensation Resistance                                    46 (On standard glazing option)

  • Sashes sit on the frame when stop, wheels on rails when sliding

  • Recommend to use in residential and low-rise commercial properties

  • Designed for exterior and interior applications

  • Recommend to use in wider opening ( two sashes up to 20' or four sashes up to 40')

  • Solve the gap problem of traditional sliding doors

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